31 August 2017


At Folio Preparation, much of the student learning takes place in the classroom, which acts as a simulated workplace. But there is more to learning than being in a classroom.

We encourage our students to get out and about to experience art and design in the wider community. The art students are expected to regularly visit art exhibitions and the design students need to keep abreast of design trends.

In addition to these self directed options, we find it helpful for students to attend events organised by our staff, both on campus and off.

This year we have organised visits to a broad number of art and design locations.

Students have checked out the National Gallery of Victoria - both International and Federation Square galleries, Heide gallery and park, The Abbotsford Convent artist and designer studios and galleries, The Old School New School of Design and Typography (OSNS), Flinders lane Galleries trail, Blindside artist space, RMIT Art departments, Nicholas Building artist studios, Anna Schwartz Gallery to name a few!

Getting out of the studio and into the community inspires students to think differently and put their art and design work into the context of the contemporary creative world.

Art and design should never be created in a bubble!

Ex Folio Prep student Cameron Schwab talking about his creative process
Ex Folio Prep student Vicky Novoselski, now a Visual Merchandiser talking
about the difference Folio Prep made to her tertiary experience
We also have a highly successful guest speaker program at NCAT.

Students had access to a number of photography based lectures organised by PIC.

Ex students Cameron Schwab and Vicky Novoselski gave amazing presentations, inspiring students with insights into their further study experiences, the interview process, putting their folio together, dealing with the pressures of study and how they produce their creative work. Brilliantly inspiring!

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