1 September 2011

Jolet, a work in progress

 Jolet Ucchino - NDS circa 1999

Jolet Ucchino has gone from strength to strength after her beginnings at NDS. She did Visual Communication at RMIT but found her real groove in Fashion. The following write up is courtesy of her website bio:  


Designer, Jolet Ucchino, launched self titled label, JOLET, in 2008.  Formally trained in graphic design at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Jolet’s design background imbues her work with directional design elements and an emphasis on wearability.

Jolet’s work is informed by her time spent working under Australian design stalwarts, Akira Isogawa, Rich and Claude Maus. The label’s innovative style was earning industry recognition as early as 2007, when Jolet won numerous awards including the Fledgling Designer Project held by Melbourne label Body.

Today, Jolet’s design process is instinctual and emotive with each new collection designed to parallel her life and reflect her personal journey. One theme that remains prevalent throughout Jolet’s collections is the pursuit of ultra-perfection.  Jolet views the human quest for perfection as a compelling force and her work draws inspiration from the battle between the genuine and perfect self.
This conflict is best expressed through Jolet’s use of contrasting masculine and feminine elements.  The sharp, sculptural nature of her tailored pieces is effortlessly juxtaposed with more feminine qualities; draping, pleating and sheer fabrics.  It is the layering of these different elements within each range that helps create a more comprehensive look for JOLET patron.  With an emphasis on high quality, natural fabrics, Jolet creates a sensory experience for the wearer.

JOLET is an ardent supporter of the local industry and is proud to have all garments manufactured in Australia.

Sharni Brear, current NDS student featured on Yen's site


Sharni Brear 
*Article  courtesy of Yenmag: http://www.yenmag.net/artery/featured-illustrator/sharni-brear/ 
By Elise Pitt | 1 September 2011
Melbourne lass Sharni Brear likes to sit under fairylights in the AM hours of the morning and doodle bohemian goddesses.
Cleverly working with in a variety of mediums, from computer manipulated grey lead sketches to watercolour collages in her moleskine journal (which never leaves her side), it seems wondrously unfair that this talented gal is only eighteen!

She’s currently studying graphic design in the hope of becoming a world famous fashion illustrator and has recently named as one of the top 20 Finalists for the Rimmel Design a Tee competition. Well done Sharni!