25 July 2011

NDS in now taking applications for 2012

Applications to NDS are now open for 2012
Check the 'How do I apply' page for further information. 
Please download an application form via our web page and post it in. 

It's that time of the year again.. We are over half way through classes for 2011 and are looking at preparing for interviews for next year's NDS intake.

That got us thinking that we should be asking you to think about anyone you may know of who needs a year at 'Northies' (and don't we all!). We rely so heavily on word of mouth, and there is nothing quite like a recommendation from someone who has really seen the impact (first hand) that the Design Studies year can have.

So do you have a friend, cousin, little sibling, friend of the family, neighbour, work mate, or partner who "wants to do something in art & design but doesn't know how to get a folio together"? We take mature age and post VCE/VCAL students.

We offer Certificate IV in Design & Certificate IV in Visual Art & Contempary Crafts. Students who get a distinction grade average in the course can bypass the ANTA for Monash Uni art & Design courses. Monash now offers 2 scholarships directly for NDS students entering Vis comm! We have an agreement with Victoria Uni for direct entry into Creative Industries & second year entry into Dip/Assoc Dip Graphic Design. We also offer the VCAL Senior Extension-Folio Enhancement which enables students to get a 10% bonus on their ANTA (ENTER) score!

So... if you know of anyone, direct them to the website http//:www.nds.vic.edu.au

or they can call us on 94781333

nds folio preparation is listed in Artscareer.com.au

nds folio preparation: The nds folio preparation course has recently been listed in Artscareer.com.au

16 July 2011

Join the nds Folio Preparation course facebook page

NDS continues to actively network with our ex students whether studying, in Industry or working in other unrelated fields. Post on our wall to let us know what you are up to. We will happily plug your business, website, upcoming exhibition or whatever else! Alternatively, contact us directly by email or through Facebook

nds Folio Preparation Course Facebook page

9 July 2011

The NDS Folio Preparation course has been shortlisted in the Sketchbook Project Community Challenge!

WOW! We (NDS) have been shortlisted for the 2012 International Sketchbook Project Community Challenge. We need you to PLEASE go to this link and vote for Northland Design Studies. The more votes we get the higher our chance of our students receiving free entry into the sketchbook challenge & free sketchbooks... All sketchbooks go on to be exhibited in the US! VOTE FOR US!!!!

Sketchbook Project Community Challenge Nominees! Thanks to everyone who’s participated in the 2012 Sketchbook Project Community Challenge so far! We received more than a hundred nominations shortlisted to 19.

8 July 2011

The nds folio preparation course has recently been listed in Artscareer.com.au

 We have recently been listed in:
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The NDS Arts Career listing

Vale Kris Hine 1954 - 2011

It is with deep regret and sadness that we announce the death of long time NDS team member Kris Hine. Kris died peacefully in her sleep on Sunday evening after a prolonged illness. She was a valued member of the NDS team from 1992, and became the NDS Folio Preparation program manager from 2000 to 2009. She leaves behind a legacy within art and design education. During her career Kris assisted many young designers to achieve their goals. Her patience, dedication and emotional intelligence assisted so many of these students in pursuing their futures. She will be greatly missed. This is her eulogy, written & presented by colleague Tracy Paterson

A Eulogy for Kris Hine: A good woman 1954 - 2011

A good woman… A woman with Integrity

I have had the privilege of teaching with Kris at Northland Secondary College since 1996. Design Studies is a course within the school that we taught in and she subsequently managed for some years. I came to the course headstrong and lacking in the finer art of diplomacy. She was dignified and insightful. I had a lot to learn and she had a lot to give. She was my mentor. As a staff, we were – and still are a close-knit bunch in Design Studies. Kris gave us so much, mentored us all and was a dear, dear friend.

Kris taught the same way she did everything in life – cooperatively, enthusiastically and with endless patience. Her students were treated to inspiring, exciting and ever changing job briefs and to an unwavering faith in them as young artists and designers. Kris never compromised her teaching, always giving her students’ undivided attention and respect. She leaves behind a legacy within art and design education. Her dedication and emotional intelligence assisted so many of these students in pursuing their career pathways.

Kris was an extraordinary leader who could put her hand to anything. Always the consummate professional, she lead by example in everything she did and as a result, we always wanted to do for her, we always wanted to step up and we always followed where she led. We are all better people for that – Certainly better professionals.

Respectfully and quietly assertive, Kris bought out the best in the staff at Northland. As a leader, when faced with seemingly insurmountable problems, she would calmly think laterally of a solution – or two - that considered everyone’s viewpoint. No one walked away from a meeting cross with Kris! She loved problem solving and as a time-tabler would come up with as many solutions as it took to cater for all parties. Kris established our staff association and convinced us to host weekly staff morning teas with the aim of bringing us together. I am sure that on every Thursday morning into the future, she will be in our thoughts as we snack and chat our way through the happy weekly event she had the vision to establish.

I think Kris could have been anything that she put her mind to. A mathematician, a scientist, a designer, a diplomat, a true renaissance woman… but perhaps teaching chose her, because she needed to give. Selflessly, she always put others needs before her own. When Kris first told me of her awful diagnosis, I blubbered and she consoled: “It’s okay Trace, it’s a bugger but that’s the hand I have been dealt”, she said and then she just got on with the job of living. In her usual calm style, she accepted with both dignity and grace that it was the way of all things.

Kris has shared a long and happy relationship with her husband Mark. “My Mark” as she always referred to him at work. They married at 20 and have proven, through their 36 years together, to be true soul-mates. In the time I have known them they have done everything side by side. Bringing up kids, travelling, fishing, shaping beautiful granddaughters and living. Their life journey has bound them together as have their actual travels. Mark made a rough estimate that they had driven well over 100,000 kilometres in a four-wheel drive with three children in tow… and they didn’t fight!

For Kris though, her real achievements in life were her children, Erin, Jacquie & David. Over morning coffees at work I heard you three grow up into the people you are now. Through teenage sagas, messy rooms, naughty moments, the VCE, engagements and marriages, children and careers, I heard you grow. Your mother deeply loved and adored each of you.

Your mother has shaped the trajectory of your lives. Her values run in your veins. Her insights. Her goodness. Her integrity. You now – and in fact we all now – have the opportunity to live the rest of our lives in ways that will bring honour to a woman who has spent her life showing us how to be our best… how to be good.

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge -- myth is more potent than history -- dreams are more powerful than facts -- hope always triumphs over experience -- laughter is the cure for grief -- love is stronger than death” - Robert Fulghum

Tracy Paterson, July 7th 2011