2 December 2012

Exciting Certificate IV in Design/Visual Arts Update for Folio Preparation

NCAT Folio Preparation is pleased to announce that we will be offering the updated CUV40311 Certificate IV in Design and CUV40111 Certificate IV in Visual Arts in 2013.

The qualifications have, after a long and exhaustive Extension to Scope process, been added by VRQA to our RTO's scope for 2013 and beyond.

Transitioning to new training packages is always a challenging process, but fortunately our staff are experienced curriculum writers and have risen to the challenge. The introduction of new units of competency has meant some exciting new adjustments to our curriculum delivery. We look forward to rolling out the package in 2013. Well done to all concerned!

31 October 2012


It's that time of the year again. Folio Reviews are underway, final folios will be put together over the next few weeks and we are preparing for interviews for next year's NCAT Folio Preparation intake.

We would love ex students who follow our blog to think about anyone they may know who needs a year with us. We rely so heavily on word of mouth, and there is nothing quite like a recommendation from someone who has really seen the impact (first hand) that our Folio Preparation year can have.

So do you have a friend, cousin, little sibling, friend of the family, neighbour, mother, work mate, niece, nephew, father, or partner who "wants to do something in art & design but doesn't know how to get a folio together"?

We now offer Certificate IV in Design & Certificate IV in Visual Arts. Students who get a distinction grade average in the course can bypass the ATAR for Monash Uni courses. RMIT takes some of our students into second year of Visual Communication. Victoria University now has direct entry for NCAT students into Creative Industries. Monash Uni has 3 full NCAT Folio Preparation specific scholarships. We also offer the VCAL Senior Extension-Folio Enhancement that enables students to get a 10% bonus on their ATAR (ENTER) score. Information about the course can be found here.

We readily take on mature age students who are looking for a career change or who just want to scratch that creative "itch". We also cater for country students. Applicants must have successfully gained their VCE or VCAL Senior or equivalent higher education qualifications.

So... if you know of anyone, direct them to the NCAT Folio Preparation Course blog for information
& an application form. NCAT Folio Preparation - How do I apply? Alternatively, check out the College website: ncat.vic.edu.au or they can call us direct on 03 9478 1333 

15 October 2012


If you are considering enrolling into our folio preparation course next year - or know someone else who may be - we would recommend that you come to our information evening tomorrow night, where you can get all the details on the courses offered. See you there!


Portrait Drawing Workshop

The NCAT Folio Preparation staff were thrilled with the response to our recent community open day.
It was fantastic to see so many current and past students support us by coming along and participating in our creative workshops, which included portrait drawing sessions where anyone could pose (or draw), an illustration wall and badge making. 

Sample folios from past students were on display as was an exhibition of current and past NCAT Folio Preparation student work.

A section of the Illustration Wall in progress
We loved being in the new Trade Training Centre for the day and really enjoyed putting our creative touch to it! What an extraordinary space it is.
Visual Arts Badge Making workshop

The day gave the community the chance to have a look inside the TTC and see what goes on inside a Senior Secondary College that specializes in both the Arts & Technologies. It became clear that the mix of Arts & Technology is a good one when the community saw what amazing facilities are available, including laser & vinyl cutters, CNC cutter, instrument making facilities to name a few.

Folio Preparation's infiltration of the NCAT Trade Training Centre


Ex Folio Prep Students Tyson Love, Giosuè Prochilo & Stuart Ford

At NCAT Folio Preparation we are only just beginning to get our heads around the possibilities such great resources allow. Exciting times are ahead!

Our special thanks go out to the amazing Liz Shaw whose Events Management skills were incredible. Where does that girl get her energy?
Event Organizer Liz Shaw
with NCAT Principal Raffaela Galati Brown

6 October 2012

Giosuè Prochilo's unorthodox path from NCAT to The Fringe Festival's 'The Häxan Curse'

Giosuè Prochilo
Former NCAT Folio Preparation student Giosuè Prochilo has taken a rather unorthodox path in his search for a holistic kind of creativity, spread across many areas of the creative arts. Arriving at NCAT Folio Preparation (Then NDS) with a strong passion for visual art and design, he initially focused on a graphic design pathway. As he recalls, “NCAT Folio Preparation was to that point, the best year of schooling in my life. For the first time I was surrounded by similar creative people; in a specialized program, with teachers who really helped draw the best out of me and set a solid foundation for building everything creative that’s come since. I only have the best memories and real gratitude for having been able to study there.”
From NCAT he entered Monash University’s Visual Communication (now Communication Design) program in 2000, eventually completing an Honours Degree. He excelled in the academic setting, with a few final year awards and taking positions of leadership amongst his peers. Alongside his focus as a graphic designer sat equally passionate dedication to writing, language and music, and he applied much of his free time growing and crafting skills also in those areas.
Upon completing Honours at Monash, Giosuè worked for over 6 years as a graphic designer for several successful studios including Storm (now Truly Deeply), Interbrand and Didonato, finding a specific appetite for crafting complete brand identities from small business to multinational companies including Kirin Japan, Spring Valley, Schweppes and Pricewaterhouse Coopers. However, to him what was “the inevitable creative compromise which comes with a dollar tag”, led him away from a design industry he never really felt part of.
After spending some time in Europe and retracing his ancestral trail back Italy, he chanced upon a change in career soon after his return to Melbourne. On a whim he reconnected with old lecturers at Monash and after expressing an interest he’d had since being a student there, found himself as a sessional teacher at Monash College, which soon evolved into an opportunity to lecture and tutor at Monash University. He has gone full circle, beginning as a student and now teaching in various subjects in the Monash Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture where he currently works part-time. For Giosuè, the university setting, filled with eager young talent, full of ideas was a return to the endless creative possibilities he’d felt as a student himself, and a release from the deadlines, budgets and long hours that is the design studio reality.
Alongside his sessional teaching, he began his own version of a design business, with the oddly named Metafork, where he works at building brands from an unconventional perspective. Embracing his love of ideas, communication, visual design, moving images, sound and music, Giosuè has created a holistic approach to brand identity where he works through multiple senses to engage an audience and deliver deep messages in the brands he builds and transforms. His recent work with Metafork has slowly but surely begun to grow with more and more clients joining his new approach to creating “more human brands which are not built to exploit and manipulate, but rather emotionally connect with and offer something highly valuable to anyone they come in contact with, irrespective of whether any money changes hands”.  He also tries to work closely with other musicians and artists, designing, animating and illustrating whenever he can. He came to a realisation where he saw his creative purpose as multidimensional in expression, but essentially unified as that of a storyteller.

His most recent creative venture may just be his ‘magnum opus’ to this stage of his life. Also on a whim (he appears to do much in this way), he decided to test his capabilities as a director, writer, video artist and musician by creating an experimental multisensory show The Häxan Curse for the 2012 Melbourne Fringe Festival
The Häxan Curse is his take on a concept initially explored by the 19th century composer and philosophic director Richard Wagner, dubbed the (German) ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ or ‘total artwork’, whereby the artist is responsible for a fusion of many artforms into a singular expression and presentation. The Häxan Curse is the theatrical presentation of a reworked silent Swedish/Danish 1922 film Häxan: Witchcraft through the Ages that he has radically transformed. Writing a new black comedy storyline with an absurdist edge and sharp social commentary, here he tackles some big issues including gender inequality, mass consumerism, ageing and kebab ethics. Yes that’s right, the ethics of kebabs. He has also written and will co-perform a new experimental electro rock musical score with the theatrical screening of the new, almost unrecognisable recut of the film. Premiering at Revolt Artspace Melbourne for a run of shows from Thursday October 4th, The Häxan Curse also features a haunting introduction by friend and also former NCAT student Frank Rettore, in character with a monologue to raise hair on even the baldest head.
As for the future and where it may lead him, Giosuè is filled with enthusiasm. “It’s all completely open, which is exciting. Whatever happens from hereon in, I’m certain my personal path as an artist will never be compromised, regardless of however crooked or narrow that path may become.”
The Häxan Curse premieries this week at Revolt Melbourne, 12 Elizabeth Street, Kensington. 
For more info check out: http://thehaexancurse.com
A preview to the show can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHhXzkZzXxUMetafork:
Metafork: Brand identity for the New: http://metafork.com.au
* All images reproduced with kind permission. © Giosuè Prochilo 2012

20 September 2012


Northern College of the Arts & Technology has just launched a new youtube channel. In this introductory video we articulate what we are about. Hope you enjoy! For more NCAT clips go to NCATvideo

23 August 2012


Sorry folks but here is a spot of blatant advertising... IT'S FOR A GOOD CAUSE though!
Curious about what has been happening at NCAT lately? We thought it was time to unveil some of our  wonderful facilities, show off our unique programs and have some fun too! If you have a spare hour or 3 this Saturday, come down and say hi. We are available to answer questions and will have displays of our student work up. Also you can get involved in drawing (or posing for) portraits or do a bit of doodling on the illustration wall. Make sure you get yourself in the draw for an ipad to!
There are loads of other activities on and programs to view. Musicians are going to be blown away by an awesome exhibition of handmade guitars from Melbourne's premier guitar luthiers, including some of our own. You may not be aware that we run a Certificate IV course in Instrument making - (the only course of it's kind). Students make electric & hollow bodied guitars and ukuleles. There will also be percussion workshops, live bands and loads of giveaways.
If you are not that arty, there are masses of things technological... electric cars, CNC machines, glider making & flying, model helicopters, fix-it groups, bike ed and more! Thank you so much to our amazingly generous sponsors for helping make this event awesome!

22 July 2012

Monash Scholarship in the bag for Yasmin Yusuf Les!

We are proud to announce (a bit belatedly), that Monash University Art, Design & Architecture has awarded a full $4000.00 Visual Communication scholarship to ex NCAT student Yasmin Yusuf Les! Yasmin is an incredibly focussed and dedicated artist/designer, whose toughest challenge with us last year was deciding which career path to choose. A deeply conceptual thinker, Yasmin's work encompasses both Fine art and Design which was why she chose Monash's Design program, renowned for encouraging fine art hand skills alongside design aesthetics.
The Monash scholarship was set up last year for students from NCAT Folio Preparation applying to the Bachelor Of Design (Visual Communication) at Monash's Caulfield campus. This year the scholarship will be broadened to include applicants in Interior Architecture and  Fine Art Bachelor courses. Monash's Gene Bawden explains:

"Monash has a long and successful relationship with NCAT, based on a mutual regard for creative enquiry, conceptual strength and the value of good design. They produce adventurous creative thinkers whose abilities we gratefully inherit. The union of NCAT and Monash has resulted in a group of industry-ready professionals, working in studios across Melbourne and internationally. A number have also gone on to postgraduate study, completing Honours and Masters degrees, and some have established their own studios.

Monash has recently established an Art Design & Architecture scholarship program with NCAT; only one of two in existence for this type of program in the faculty. Our decision to establish this award speaks volumes of our regard for NCAT; its exceedingly talented staff; and its creative, independent and enquiring body of students".

- Gene Bawden, Deputy Head, Design (Communication Design)
Monash University, Faculty of Art Design & Architecture

Yasmin @ NCAT 2011
Excerpts from an interview with Yasmin 2012

When did you first realise you were interested in design?
Well, I've always had an interest in Design and Art when I was just a little one. So, I guess I would have to say it was the second I could pick up a pencil.

Why did you choose to study design at NCAT?
I remember hearing about NCAT while I was in high school and thought it was a good pathway to choose. It was well renowned for helping individuals find their creative pathways.

Who was your greatest influence at NCAT?
Bah! I really do not want an angry mob at my front door today. Haha. Honestly, they were all great influences but, there are my top three: Ian, Trace and Bei. Ian always kept me on track, made sure I never strayed too far and gave me extra assignments just to keep me preoccupied. There was never a boring moment with him. That and he has an ever-so-lovely beard. Trace is just bloody amazing at drawing. Having her drawing next to me made me die a little every time. But having such a talented mentor just forced me to try so much harder. I have to say that it's thanks to Trace I can actually draw large-scale pieces now. Bei has to be one of the most harshest critics out of the bunch. I don't think there was ever a Monday where I didn't want to face plant my desk. Though, it's through her copious amounts of constructive criticism that I payed closer attention to the finer details of design and deeply contemplated the development of my final prototypes. 

What were the classes like?
The classes were always great. Everyone was open-minded and relaxed. Sure, everyone had their off days but you always felt better at the end of the day just from being there. Well, if I didn't feel better, I'd usually hunt down Sue and tackle hug her. Haha.

What art & design areas did you study?
I focused on Illustration, Graphic Design and Fine Art. It was awesome to have such diversity and explore varying fields. 

What do you remember most about your time at NCAT?
All the good moments. NCAT was just a great experience in general. Not only did they help me creatively but I met some amazing people there.

How did your portfolio look on graduation?
It was pretty? Haha. But really, I thought it looked really good. I had a range of work from 3-D to Artist Books to hand generated imagery to digital prints. The University that I had an interview with thought it was great. We actually ran slightly overtime because they wanted to look at everything. It was a nice feeling.

How did your portfolio help you in further education / training?
Well, it got me into my first preference, Monash University - Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication)… not to mention the scholarship!

How do you plan to use your scholarship money?
It is going to fund my art & design materials which can be quite expensive. It will make a huge difference for me, helping with travel expenses (Il I've in Melbourne's north) and day to day living expenses.

Visions for the future?
Hopefully in the near future, I will get an internship at a design firm. I'm currently in the process of putting a small portfolio together.

You can find Yasmin's portfolio on her gorgeous blog: www.yasminyles.blogspot.com
All images © Copyright Yasmin Yusuf Les 2012

1 July 2012

Minela Krupic, ex NCAT student, wins Heartlands Refugee Fine Art Prize

Congratulations to ex NCAT Folio Preparation student Minela Krupic, who has just won the Heartlands Refugee Fine Art Prize for 2012 with an extraordinary artwork KOLEKCIJA (Below)Her artwork is made up of a series of images which highlight the Bosnian refugee's 1997 escape from her war-torn homeland. Minela who after doing the NCAT Folio Preparation course in 2002, went on to study Fine Art painting at RMIT and then Fine Art Printmaking at VCA , is now a regularly exhibiting fine artist. 
Following on from an acclaimed second year, Multicultural Arts Victoria and AMES have again collaborated on the Heartlands Refugee Fine Art Prize 2012The Prize celebrates the contribution of refugee artists who have arrived in Australia since 1970. This unique Art Prize showcases the creative talent and social contribution of visual artists from a refugee background.

Minela has won $5000 for First Prize (including a solo exhibition and short-term Artist in Residence!). Her winning work was exhibited along with the other short-listed works from 6 - 16 June at fortyfivedownstairs (Flinders Lane, Melbourne), and from 5 - 28 July at Walker Street Gallery in Dandenong.   
Entries in the competition were to reflect and express the theme: "Heartlands; the aspirations, hopes and dreams that refugees bring with them to Australia". Distinguished members of the Australian arts sector formed the panel of judges, who included Jane Clark, Research Curator at the Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania, Elena Taylor, Curator of Australian Art at the National Gallery of Victoria, Jill Morgan, Executive Officer at Multicultural Arts Victoria, and Damian Smith, curator and arts writer and Director of Words For Art, Melbourne.
“We’re very excited to have such vibrant and well‐respected experts involved with the prize to help recognise the skills, talents and creativity that refugees bring to Victoria, and the social and cultural contributions they provide to our community,” 
- Adam Baxter - Communications and Stakeholder Relations Manager at AMES 

Heartlands is part of the Multicultural Arts Victoria’s Emerge Festival from 1 June – 31 July, across Victoria. Emerge will showcase the contribution emerging and refugee communities are having on contemporary arts and culture www.multiculturalarts.com.au AMES and Multicultural Arts Victoria acknowledge the Sidney Myer Fund for their generous contribution to the Heartlands Refugee Fine Art Prize 2012. Their contribution will ensure that refugee artists will be given opportunities to contribute to the social, economic and cultural fabric of Victoria. The Sidney Myer Fund’s mission is to build a fair, just, creative, sustainable and caring society through initiatives that promote positive changes in Australia.
See the other shortlisted works at Multicultural Arts Victoria facebook pageThanks for information from Multi Cultural Arts Victoria website press release.

20 June 2012


The NCAT Visual Arts students and staff having been busy putting together a fabulous exhibition of NCAT student work as part of Northcote's Northern Exposure Festival.

Full time & part time NCAT Visual Arts students from years 11 and 12 worked along side our NCAT Folio Preparation students in the group show. The theme "Cameo" encouraged students to represent themselves visually in a snapshot of their artistic style.

The exhibition is on at the Northcote Town Hall's Rooftop Gallery, an intimate space in a great location. The gallery has some of the best northern views of Melbournes City skyline. (See photos).

NCAT Visual Arts staff Kylie O'Malley, Nicole Anderson & Sonia Baroudi (Right) guided the 11-12 Visual Arts students, who are currently completing Certificate II & III respectively in Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft. Their students exhibited a broad range of work. Highlights included extraordinary pin hole camera images and steampunk fashion outfits made from cardboard. NCAT Visual Arts facebook page is well worth a like.

NCAT Folio Preparation staff member, Sue Durham (Right) led our Certificate IV in Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft students, who presented two separate projects - A Fergus Binns inspired painting and a small 9x5 triptich. NCAT Folio Preparation's Facebook page has more images.

The professional standard of the work exhibited is a credit to the Northern College of the Arts & Technology visual arts staff, who are responsible for the fabulous reputation the college has in the wider visual arts field. Congratulations!

Special Thanks to the talented Crystal Vicario of Queen V Cakes, whose 'Cameo cake' (Left) was amazing!  When not making and decorating cakes, Crystal is a member of NCAT's administration team!

The opening night was a great success and our thanks go out to our generous sponsors without whom this event would not be possible:
Whirlwind Print, City of Darebin, Northcote Town Hall, Zart Art & Sarah Hankinson Illustration.
We Thank you!

The exhibition will continue until July 1 2012

4 June 2012


The NCAT rebrand is taking shape after 6 months of behind the scenes work by many dedicated people from both within the school and from our wider community. This is an exciting time for NCAT. It is a fresh start and marks the beginning of a new era for our College. 

The rebrand has been executed by Seesaw Design, whose director, Anita Ryley (McArthur) is an ex NCAT Folio Preparation student.

The brand, style of the typography and simplicity of the logo showcase a new direction for NCAT. The college allows students to reach their career destination, harness their potential while promoting an alternative teaching model.

The brand architecture has been streamlined to now only offer three elements. The college at group level is represented by a one colour logo-mark and logo-type. There are two sub groups or streams in which all courses offered by the college can sit within. All technology based courses will sit under the Technology stream, all arts courses will sit under the Arts stream. 

The Gotham Rounded font family has been chosen to complement the brand and provide a clean, modern and legible font option.This font family is also large in its varied weight and styling options. Its rounded letter forms reinforce the approachable and friendly brand that is NCAT.

"Inspired by signs on buildings, Gotham Rounded celebrates the workmanlike “draftsman’s alphabet” at a monumental scale. Similarly unadorned, but at a more intimate size, is the lettering of engineering: the marks on precision instruments, blueprints, stencils and templates. Drawn, stamped, engraved and routed, these forms are sensitively captured by the Gotham Rounded family". - Font Foundry Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

23 May 2012


we are proud to announce a new website for Northern College of the Arts & Technology. It has been a long time coming and has been an exhausting process, but it has all been worth it to see what we stand for as a specialist arts & technology senior secondary, embodied in the site.
Thanks goes out to Anita Ryley (Ex Folio Preparation student) and her colleagues at See Saw Design who have managed our rebrand, Beth Gray from See Strategic who helped us articulate what we are about, Bryce Gilholme who is our web designer and all the NCAT staff who contributed ideas, copy, images and time to the process.

We love Beth's copy which really sums up what NCAT is all about:

"As a College, we recognise multiple types of intelligence. We reward practical problem solving, creativity, lateral thinking, building, fixing, designing and innovating. Every student benefits from a curriculum designed to encourage individuality and creativity. Our hands-on learning approach develops confidence, teamwork and co-operation skills for students who wish to pursue further study, apprenticeships or employment".