17 January 2012

N C A T Folio Preparation 2011: 100% Success rate on first round VTAC offers!

We are thrilled to announce that 100% of our students who went through the VTAC Tertiary/TAFE application process have been given first round offers! Our students will be going on to highly diverse courses from within the Art and Design fields, which is really exciting to see. 
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them all on their hard work and persistence. Some students came to us unsure of their direction but they all left us confident, well skilled and really ready for Uni/Tafe. 
We wish them all well on their individual journeys and look forward to seeing them do wonderful things in the future! We will also enjoy seeing them return to the College to present at forums and Industry days in the coming years.
Here is a run down on the courses they have been accepted into!

  • Visual Communication - Monash University Caulfield
  • Interior Architecture - Monash University Caulfield
  • Communication Design - RMIT University City
  • Creative Industries - Victoria University City Flinders 
  • Fashion Design - RMIT University Brunswick
  • Fine Art (Print Imaging Practice) - RMIT University City
  • Furniture Design - RMIT University City 
  • Games Design - RMIT University City
  • Photography (Arts) - RMIT University City
  • Textile Design - RMIT University Brunswick
  • Fashion Design - Kangan Institute Richmond 
  • Visual Merchandising - Kangan Institute Richmond
  • Building Design - NMIT Greensborough
  • Graphic Design - NMIT Fairfield 
  • Illustration - NMIT Preston 
  • Interior Design and Decoration - NMIT Preston
  • Interactive Digital Media - RMIT University TAFE City
  • Photography and Photoimaging - RMIT University TAFE City 
  • Product Design - RMIT University TAFE City 
  • Textile Design and Development - RMIT University TAFE Brunswick
  • Visual Art - RMIT University TAFE City
  • Visual Merchandising - RMIT University TAFE City
  • Graphic Design - Swinburne TAFE Prahran
  • Interior Design and Decoration - Swinburne TAFE Prahran
  • Graphic Design - Vic Uni TAFE City Flinders

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