31 January 2012

NDS >>> NCAT Folio Preparation

Welcome to NCAT Folio Preparation! This year we will commence trading under our new name to align ourselves to our college's new identity as Northern College of the Arts & Technology.

The College is currently going through a rebrand into a senior secondary college. It is now known as the Northern College of the Arts and Technology and caters for year 10-13 students seeking a specialised education in the visual arts, performing arts or technologies. We are now known as NCAT Folio Preparation and we deliver Certificate IV in Design & Visual Arts in addition to the VCAL Senior Extension-Folio Enhancement certificate.

NCAT Folio Preparation was originally launched in 1989 as Design Studies, at what was then Preston East Technical School. An iconic program, it ran initially as a TOP course. The School changed it's name in the early 90's to Northland Secondary College and the course became known as Northland Design Studies and then later it was shortened to NDS. Northland was closed for several years in the 90's and Design Studies relocated to what was then Thornbury Darebin Secondary College (Now Thornbury High School), returning to Northland when the school was reopened in 1995. 

The core staff, a passionate group, remains largely intact: Mark Russell, Tracy Paterson, Ian McKey, Sue Durham, Neil Davis, Amanda Croatto, Bei Janetzki and Jake Carabott.

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