22 July 2012

Monash Scholarship in the bag for Yasmin Yusuf Les!

We are proud to announce (a bit belatedly), that Monash University Art, Design & Architecture has awarded a full $4000.00 Visual Communication scholarship to ex NCAT student Yasmin Yusuf Les! Yasmin is an incredibly focussed and dedicated artist/designer, whose toughest challenge with us last year was deciding which career path to choose. A deeply conceptual thinker, Yasmin's work encompasses both Fine art and Design which was why she chose Monash's Design program, renowned for encouraging fine art hand skills alongside design aesthetics.
The Monash scholarship was set up last year for students from NCAT Folio Preparation applying to the Bachelor Of Design (Visual Communication) at Monash's Caulfield campus. This year the scholarship will be broadened to include applicants in Interior Architecture and  Fine Art Bachelor courses. Monash's Gene Bawden explains:

"Monash has a long and successful relationship with NCAT, based on a mutual regard for creative enquiry, conceptual strength and the value of good design. They produce adventurous creative thinkers whose abilities we gratefully inherit. The union of NCAT and Monash has resulted in a group of industry-ready professionals, working in studios across Melbourne and internationally. A number have also gone on to postgraduate study, completing Honours and Masters degrees, and some have established their own studios.

Monash has recently established an Art Design & Architecture scholarship program with NCAT; only one of two in existence for this type of program in the faculty. Our decision to establish this award speaks volumes of our regard for NCAT; its exceedingly talented staff; and its creative, independent and enquiring body of students".

- Gene Bawden, Deputy Head, Design (Communication Design)
Monash University, Faculty of Art Design & Architecture

Yasmin @ NCAT 2011
Excerpts from an interview with Yasmin 2012

When did you first realise you were interested in design?
Well, I've always had an interest in Design and Art when I was just a little one. So, I guess I would have to say it was the second I could pick up a pencil.

Why did you choose to study design at NCAT?
I remember hearing about NCAT while I was in high school and thought it was a good pathway to choose. It was well renowned for helping individuals find their creative pathways.

Who was your greatest influence at NCAT?
Bah! I really do not want an angry mob at my front door today. Haha. Honestly, they were all great influences but, there are my top three: Ian, Trace and Bei. Ian always kept me on track, made sure I never strayed too far and gave me extra assignments just to keep me preoccupied. There was never a boring moment with him. That and he has an ever-so-lovely beard. Trace is just bloody amazing at drawing. Having her drawing next to me made me die a little every time. But having such a talented mentor just forced me to try so much harder. I have to say that it's thanks to Trace I can actually draw large-scale pieces now. Bei has to be one of the most harshest critics out of the bunch. I don't think there was ever a Monday where I didn't want to face plant my desk. Though, it's through her copious amounts of constructive criticism that I payed closer attention to the finer details of design and deeply contemplated the development of my final prototypes. 

What were the classes like?
The classes were always great. Everyone was open-minded and relaxed. Sure, everyone had their off days but you always felt better at the end of the day just from being there. Well, if I didn't feel better, I'd usually hunt down Sue and tackle hug her. Haha.

What art & design areas did you study?
I focused on Illustration, Graphic Design and Fine Art. It was awesome to have such diversity and explore varying fields. 

What do you remember most about your time at NCAT?
All the good moments. NCAT was just a great experience in general. Not only did they help me creatively but I met some amazing people there.

How did your portfolio look on graduation?
It was pretty? Haha. But really, I thought it looked really good. I had a range of work from 3-D to Artist Books to hand generated imagery to digital prints. The University that I had an interview with thought it was great. We actually ran slightly overtime because they wanted to look at everything. It was a nice feeling.

How did your portfolio help you in further education / training?
Well, it got me into my first preference, Monash University - Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication)… not to mention the scholarship!

How do you plan to use your scholarship money?
It is going to fund my art & design materials which can be quite expensive. It will make a huge difference for me, helping with travel expenses (Il I've in Melbourne's north) and day to day living expenses.

Visions for the future?
Hopefully in the near future, I will get an internship at a design firm. I'm currently in the process of putting a small portfolio together.

You can find Yasmin's portfolio on her gorgeous blog: www.yasminyles.blogspot.com
All images © Copyright Yasmin Yusuf Les 2012

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