18 April 2012


Life Drawing is an integral part of our portfolio building course. Students use a wide variety of media and techniques in their weekly Life Drawing classes. Life Drawing is a core subject in the program. The students are tutored by Tracy Paterson, a hugely experienced Life drawing practitioner and passionate tutor. NCAT Folio Preparation is a long time supporter of  Melbourne's Life Models Society and their highly professional models.

In this session, the students are learning the finer art of drawing foreshortened poses. The students first measure the model's height versus width and then draw in blind contour, where they draw the model without looking at their drawing (Except to replace their pen). This technique rapidly increases observation skills whilst also loosening up the student's drawing style. Students are able to read foreshortening without really thinking about it. Tracy calls it drawing with your eyes. Drawing the figure from life is a time honoured tradition in Art & Design education.

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All Images Copyright NCAT

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