20 November 2011

D e s i d e r o YYLES: An awesome rap for N C A T!

Yasmin Yusuf Les has just completed the 
N C A T  Folio Preparation course this year & has produced a pretty amazing folio for someone so young! She is planning to go to Monash Uni Caulfield to study Visual Communication. 

I just stumbled on this lovely plug for our course that she has written (Without pressure, I might add!!), on her blog.

We wish Yasmin every success in what is going to be a thrilling career. She may be heading in the design direction, but her fine art skills are just as strong!

Here is what she had to say about us. You can read it here on her blog 
d e s i d e r o or read an excerpt below:

"NCAT Folio Preparation is an amazing program. It gives students the opportunity to develop/further an understanding in Design and Visual Art. NCAT allows students seeking Tertiary education to develop an outstanding folio and receive a Certificate IV in their specialised field. 

My experience at NDS [N.C.A.T] has been one of the most joyful and inspirational years of my education. The program has heightened my skill-set and also given me a further understanding in Design and Visual Art. It has strengthened my ambition to be a Designer and gain an occupation within the Creative Industry. There is such a great difference between my work from the start of February to where I am now. I could not have achieved what I have today without this course and the awe-inspiring and amazing staff members. They have always been so supportive and pushed us to do our best. 

You all have my many thanks and utmost gratitude, I couldn't have done it without you all. 

-insert teary smile- Yasmin"

13 November 2011

Sampler: NDS Graduate Book Launch 2011

The 2011 students have finished their year with us and to celebrate we are launching Sampler, their 2011 Graduate book. Come down, have a drink, catch up, grab a book & check out the students work on projection. 
15 December · 19:00 - 22:00

The Loop Laneway Bar
23 Meyers Place (Off Top end of Bourke St)
Melbourne, Australia
Current students will receive a copy of the book on the night. We are taking pre-orders for the book from the nds office. Some further copies will be available for purchase on the night as well.

Check out Loop: http://www.looponline.com.au/index.html

It's a bit tricky to find. Here is a google map ref:http://maps.google.com.au/maps?hl=en&tab=wl

RSVP on at our Facebook event page: Sampler: NDS 2011 Graduate book Launch

Call us at: NDS Folio Preparation if you need more info: 9478 1333

See you there!

11 November 2011

CONCEPTed: bringing design into the classroom

"Designers have the opportunity to make change and to influence visual culture. In school, however, most students end up graduating from grade school without having a clear understanding of what design is. Not only is design important for art, but it also encompasses most of the other coursework students are already working on in k-12 schools, providing a great opportunity for arts integration, collaboration, and vital skill-building. In this issue of CONCEPTed, we look at exciting designers and educators who are bringing design into the classroom".

—Meghann Harris, Founder (with thanks).

To quote from the CONCEPTed website: "CONCEPTed is an online magazine about art education in the world today. The mission of the magazine is to be a free, online source to art educators and educators in other fields, act as a trendy and innovative source for new ideas, and keep art educators current with happenings in the art world and the issues that effect their students. The magazine also seeks to look to show examples of teachers who are doing provocative and exciting things in the classroom, to provide art educators with resources and lesson plans, and to bring awareness of arts education to administrators, parents, and teachers in other subjects".

Exciting stuff... anyone know of similar Australian sites?

We need more positive educational art & Design plugs. Tough economic times hit the creative industries hard. Britain's art schools are suffering a 27% drop in applications, alongside fee spikes of 9000 pounds per year! This has senior creatives fearful for the creative industries futures. As always, it will be the less economically well off that will miss out. Read more about this worrying trend Here. Anecdotally we are seeing the beginnings of similar trends in Victoria, with economically disadvantaged students struggling to cope with university fees.

7 November 2011

A new home for Folio Preparation!

NCAT Folio Preparation has a new home and a new name! Formerly Northland Secondary College, the Northern College of the Arts and Technology caters for year 10-13 students seeking a specialised education in the visual arts, performing arts or technologies. Year 10 art and technology streams provide a solid foundation for VCE or VCAL qualifications. Our Year 11 and 12 students benefit from tailored, individualised programs that integrate VET art or technology certificates within a VCE or VCAL syllabus.

As a Registered Training Organisation, the College also welcomes part-time students from other state and private schools seeking to integrate VET certificates within a VCE or VCAL program. Graduate studies, short courses and close connections with industry, TAFE and tertiary providers open pathways for students who wish to pursue further study, apprenticeships or employment.

In 2010, our College ceased education for year 7, 8 and 9 students to focus on the heart of our service offering. The change in our name from Northland Secondary College to the Northern College of the Arts and Technology better reflects our ongoing extension of VET specialisations and complimentary graduate studies in the arts and technologies. With one of the broadest VET offerings in Victoria, a 17 million dollar technologies facility and a highly successful visual and performing arts record; we look forward to servicing the vocational learning needs of Victorian students in 2012 and beyond.

But wait, there's more... NDS Folio Preparation will be known from 2012 as N C A T  Folio Preparation!

We are complimenting the change in our name with a new brand which will be applied across all traditional and online media. This website is an interim measure while we work hard behind the scenes to develop our new website for the new school year. In the meantime, it’s business as usual. You might like to have a sneak peek at our interim website: Northern College of the Arts & Technology