11 November 2011

CONCEPTed: bringing design into the classroom

"Designers have the opportunity to make change and to influence visual culture. In school, however, most students end up graduating from grade school without having a clear understanding of what design is. Not only is design important for art, but it also encompasses most of the other coursework students are already working on in k-12 schools, providing a great opportunity for arts integration, collaboration, and vital skill-building. In this issue of CONCEPTed, we look at exciting designers and educators who are bringing design into the classroom".

—Meghann Harris, Founder (with thanks).

To quote from the CONCEPTed website: "CONCEPTed is an online magazine about art education in the world today. The mission of the magazine is to be a free, online source to art educators and educators in other fields, act as a trendy and innovative source for new ideas, and keep art educators current with happenings in the art world and the issues that effect their students. The magazine also seeks to look to show examples of teachers who are doing provocative and exciting things in the classroom, to provide art educators with resources and lesson plans, and to bring awareness of arts education to administrators, parents, and teachers in other subjects".

Exciting stuff... anyone know of similar Australian sites?

We need more positive educational art & Design plugs. Tough economic times hit the creative industries hard. Britain's art schools are suffering a 27% drop in applications, alongside fee spikes of 9000 pounds per year! This has senior creatives fearful for the creative industries futures. As always, it will be the less economically well off that will miss out. Read more about this worrying trend Here. Anecdotally we are seeing the beginnings of similar trends in Victoria, with economically disadvantaged students struggling to cope with university fees.

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