20 May 2016


Sometimes the best way to get a feel for a course is to ask what ex students think...

What our NCAT Create Alumni say

"Thank-you for Create! The NCAT Create course proved to be a year jam-packed with new ideas, skills/practices – a year that I shall never forget. A year of delight! A watershed year!
Since the course I have continued drawing, painting, completing my visual diary and now feel strange if I don't draw, make or photograph something on a daily basis. Creating has become a practice - a pleasurable and satisfying practice.
My subsequent Monash university interview proved to be a life highlight and I felt that I had come "home" when I received my offer to their Fine Art degree. Thank you so much Tracy for your advice and for giving me the material and "know how" to prepare my fine art folio.
A heartfelt thank you to CREATE for getting me back on track!" 
-Elizabeth Esdale

"Exciting times. Thanks so much to the teachers at NCAT Create. It was such a wonderful year last year. It'll be hard to top it but got a thrill today when I committed myself to studying BA Sculpture at RMIT. I've always wanted to be in the big city and I now feel like a proper grown up! I am so grateful to have spent my time with you all last year. Here’s to my creative and inspired future!"
-Margaret Perversi

"After 12 years as a stay at home mum, I enrolled into NCAT Create and had such a creatively (and socially) fulfilling year! Never did I feel like I was out of the loop, having been "mum" for so long, but I was made to feel like an artist, to push through fears of "what if I can't", and get glimpses of what I'm really capable of. I give so much credit to the teachers for this, they are all awesome!! I was exposed to so many art forms in the year, many of which I had no idea I'd enjoy so much. I met so many great people, had so many great conversations and made so much great art!
I now have a shared art studio with some of the wonderful people I met and we all continue towards our creative goals and dreams." 
Thank you NCAT!!
-Danielle Triantafillou
NCAT Create 2016
NCAT Create 2015

"I enrolled in and completed the NCAT Create course in 2015. I cannot recommend it highly enough. The support and encouragement to return to, and follow my passion after a long break was incredible. I start my Bachelor of Fine Art in Drawing & Printmaking at VCA in a couple of weeks, and would not have had the confidence or folio to even think about applying before Create. If you are thinking of applying to NCAT Create or even just contacting them for more info, I'd say 'go for it!'You've got everything to gain!"
-Belinda Reid

NCAT Create 2014
"The NCAT Create course was a life changing experience for me - A supportive learning environment, with staff who are professional and encouraging. If you are considering undertaking a Visual Arts course, I can highly recommend the Create course at NCAT, it is fantastic!"
-Lisa Shannon

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and all of the staff for everything you have done for us in the Create course. I feel a bit emotional writing this, as it has really been the best thing I HAVE EVER DONE! I can't believe how unbelievably patient and helpful you and all the teaching staff have been. It has been incredible. And let's be honest- we are not the easiest bunch to teach!"
-Jess Buckley

"I completed the Create Course at NCAT in 2015. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and exciting experience that gave me the courage and confidence to start creating art again after a long time away from it. I found the tutors to be energetic, exhilarating, experienced and above all passionate about what they taught. 
NCAT Create reintroduced me to all the aspects of art I love - life drawing, printmaking, collage, photography and digital media. I updated my digital skills, learnt about valuable resume and job requirements, and to top it all met amazing, talented & inspiring people! 
I would highly recommend this course to anyone who perhaps needs a gentle push back into a career within the visual arts or for anyone who wants to start their future in the art world. I am looking forward to my future career in Illustration."
-Tanya Bickers

"Studying the Create course at NCAT was amazing. I learnt so much and felt inspired and supported by every staff member. I have no hesitation in recommending NCAT Create as a stepping stone for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the visual arts". 
-Valentina Maxwell Tansley

"Just wanted to say THANK you to you all for an amazing year. The CREATE course was so valuable in so many ways for me. It's given me the confidence to commit to being an artist, and you have all been so generous with your knowledge, experience and support.
I have enjoyed all the classes, I loved Studio and Life drawing to bits, it felt like such a treat to have a dedicated space and guidance to develop my voice and skills in those areas, and it solidified more of a commitment to my art through the conversations we have had. Probably my most surprising discovery is the realm of the digital world that the digital teachers patiently guided us through, it has been a big leap for me. I am actually addicted to Photoshop! - a shock to me that's for sure (I am a complete technophobe).  Thank you all for your passion and skills.
I just received an offer for Print Imaging Practice at RMIT which I'm pretty chuffed about- at this stage of my life it's pretty amazing to have taken this step. I gained the confidence to do this through the CREATE course and through all the skills and encouragement you offered. Thank you so much. We Create students have been incredibly lucky!"
-Becky Lo

"NCAT Create was amazing! It gave me the confidence to pursue something I'd always dreamed about! I met a great bunch of people, learned new skills and totally transformed my life! I now practice art daily, have a studio, a website and a career path. I've exhibited in galleries, sold works, won competitions and am studying [Diploma of Illustration] - all this and to think only a year ago I'd had very limited art experience". 
-Louella Evans

Further information on applying to NCAT Create can be found here

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