30 October 2014


As a requirement of their course, the NCAT Create students present their portfolios at mid and final reviews. Portfolio presentations give students an opportunity to display their art work and look at it as a body of work.

Often a lack of space stifles the ability to look at all the work a student creates and therefore they miss out on seeing an overview of their emerging style, plus identifying strengths and areas for improvement. At mid and final portfolio review, Create students are able to lay out all their work in an allotted area and examine it as a body of work.

Portfolio review also allows students to be actively involved in group critiques. Critiquing each other's portfolios helps students to explore the creative process and their experience as a developing artist. The process of group critiquing is about finding a balance between compliment & constructive criticism. Students learn that the criticism is never personal – It is about the portfolio of artworks not the artist. Critiquing should always be balanced, neutral and constructive. Group critiques enable students to build skills by being exposed to different styles, options and approaches. It also assists students to push their responses to art beyond the initial "I like it" to questions of why and how, articulated using art based language.

The Portfolio review whilst initially potentially challenging to some, is an excellent opportunity to build creative confidence.

The review process brings together the artworks produced in students' Studio, Digital and Life Drawing classes.

Accompanying their portfolio is a written Artist's Statement and in the final review, a creative resume.

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