8 September 2014


We have been very lucky to have the opportunity to team up with Anne Warren, a local Melbourne artist who helped us take our NCAT Create students through the finer intricacies of collage. Anne is a highly skilled Dada inspired Collage artist with an extraordinary ability to cut the finest of details with a tiny pair of embroidery scissors! 
"From a photo I have taken or from a found image in a book, I respond to the visual images that are around me. I will juxtapose an image or part of into a new environment to allow the viewer to interpret as they wish".
- Anne Warren
Kindly reproduced from her excellent wordpress blog: http://annewarren.wordpress.com/
Anne has a Diploma in Visual Art as well as a Bachelor in Fine Art (Drawing) from RMIT University (2009). She is currently exhibiting, is an active member of Alphington Open Studios, the Out of the Box group of artists and is teaching mixed media, digital, collage, assemblage, drawing workshops from her studio.
Anne worked with our students to create small collages on water-coloured backgrounds which were all about placement and finding the right image. The workshop coincided with a copyright unit and as a result, the students sourced their images from appropriate copyright free books and magazines, found in op shops and dusty bookshelves!
The Create students got so much out of Anne's workshop. The following week many came in with new collages and began to branch into varying styles. We went on to do mixed media with a big conceptual push based on birds and memory as themes and they just blossomed. The Create students went on to make a piece based on tags, taking ideas in all sorts of directions. We have seen a real change in confidence and output through the collage workshops which has been wonderful to watch. Anne's introductory workshop was a real turning point. There is nothing like some success to ignite a creative spark!
*All NCAT Create images are © Northern College of the Arts & Technology 2014. All Create student artworks are reproduced with permission.

Anne (right) demonstrating collage techniques in the Create Studio above

All images ©NCAT Create

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