15 October 2013


We are very excited to launch our latest offering in NCAT's suite of courses in the creative arts: NCAT Create, a unique course designed to unlock mature aged students skills, through drawing, digital imaging, art studio practices and new media.

Over the years, we have taken more and more mature aged students into the Folio Preparation course. Some of these students have found it difficult to dedicate 4 days a week to course work due to the classic time demands of work, parenthood etc, that are an inevitable part of adulthood. Many of these students are seeking career changes and have studied previously in other fields but the high costs of tertiary education make further study difficult. And so, based on our experience of these students' unique set of needs it seems a logical thing to design a course especially for them!

What would such a course look like? 2 days per week. Civilised, family friendly hours: 9:30am - 3pm. An opportunity to work with like minded adults in a supportive environment. Mac based Adobe Suite training, Tutored Life Drawing classes. An opportunity to learn about new media. A chance to begin to plan for a career in the creative arts industry. And all this with NO tuition fees and a only a minimal materials charge.

It is no surprise that we have been inundated with interest and enquiries about NCAT Create. So, if you are interested send in your application form ASAP.

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