22 April 2013


To the disillusioned out there, change is possible! Every year we accept mature age students into the course from varied backgrounds who dream of fulfilling their creative urges but just don't know where to start. For them it is all about putting a toe in the water... building skills and confidence, getting exposed to the rich world of art & design and avoiding the preclusive costs of higher education.

At NCAT Folio Preparation we are working on a brand new course NCAT Create for those of you out there who want to build skills in art and or design but cannot currently afford the time to study full time. NCAT Create will be one or two semester based (14 weeks per semester), two days per week combining new media, drawing (optional) digital design & visual arts, with the option of doing the full 30 week Folio Preparation course down the track. 

Stay tuned people, change is possible!

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