19 October 2011

"Hood" by Ex-NDS student, Tegan Connelly

Tegan Connelly did NDS in 2005. She went on to do a bachelor of Visual Communication Design at Monash University. She is currently doing her Masters at Monash Uni. Although she studied Visual Communication, she has always had a passion for illustration and has done electives in Illustration throughout her studies. Tegan currently has an exhibition of her work at Synergy Gallery

Hood; an exhibition about a girl & a wolf

Tuesday 18-Saturday 22 October 2011
Synergy Gallery
253 High St 
Northcote Australia

Hood is a showcase of Tegan's masters work for the past two years.

"Based on Red Riding Hood, It a story about about wolf with a choice, a girl with some unusual hobbies and a granny who's been there, done that and brought the tee-shirt".

Tegan's artworks are delicately hand cut illustrations of an age old story but have been offered a modern twist!

Tegan painstakingly hand cut her images in black card using a scalpel. The images float pinned above a gold background.

Alongside the large exhibited artworks is a small limited edition artists book. 

Tegan hopes to complete her Masters in April next year & then work as an Illustrator (If further study doesn't tempt her!). NDS wishes her all the best!

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